We’re very excited to see BCU grow and expand over time. Today, we’re excited to launch our latest effort in this area: Bugcrowd University. Our researcher community motto is simple: It Takes a Crowd. We run ad-hoc and ongoing bounty programs as a service. We also believe in giving a shout out to others in the space, with each module including extensive links and references to our colleagues’ content. Bugcrowd University was created to help you learn the basics of hacking and bug bounty hunting. Learn the basics of hacking and bug bounty hunting with videos, tutorials, labs, best practices and more on GitHub. By continued use of this website you are consenting to our use of cookies. If you think you’ve found a security vulnerability in our systems, we invite you to report it to us via our platform. We’re excited by the opportunity that we have every day to work with researchers of all backgrounds, interests, and skills. Each module focuses on techniques and strategies that we’ve found to make a profound impact on a bug bounty researcher’s success. Stay current with the latest security trends from Bugcrowd, This website use cookies which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the. Security, education, and training for the whitehat hacker community. Click on API, Customer, or Researcher Docs to get started. If you’d like to see a specific type of content, let us know! Modules from https://github.com/bugcrowd/bugcrowd_university We will be adding more modules and content to Bugcrowd University in the coming months. #OuthackThemAll bgcd.co/2XgTFT7 We will be adding more modules and content to Bugcrowd University in the coming months. Because these talks outgrew the standard conference slot, each topic is represented in Bugcrowd University here as an entire module. Bugcrowd has saved us close to $60 million, simply because we’ve avoided major data breaches in the eyes of our customers Bugcrowd University - Broken Access Control Testing - YouTube Welcome to Bugcrowd University! - OSSRedTeam/Bugcrowd-University-CTF Please tweet @Bugcrowd using hashtag #ItTakesACrowd and spread the word about Bugcrowd University! Customer docs; The Bugcrowd crowdsourcing platform launched Bugcrowd University, an educational platform for security researchers that aims to contribute to the development of bug-finding skills. Uplevel Your Bug Hunting Skills with Bugcrowd University, Risky Biz Soap Box: Bugcrowd CEO Ashish Gupta, Why I <3 Offensive Work and Why I